British City Council Calls Adhan an ‘Unnecessary Noise’

A mosque’s plans to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer through loudspeakers three times a day to a city neighborhood have been rejected.

The Masjid Ghousia mosque on Gladstone Street in Peterborough applied to the city council to install the speakers on one of its minarets and broadcast the call to prayer three times a day. But planning permission has been refused by eight votes to three.

According to the Liberal Democrat Councillor Terri Haynes, “As Muslims have attended prayers at this Mosque for years, it is not necessary for the practicing of the religion and is therefore unnecessary noise.”

Planning permission has been refused on the grounds it would be “an unwelcome intrusion on the soundscape”.

The Muslim community Peterborough, the congregation of Masjid Ghousia, and indeed the wider community are extremely disappointed to refuse permission to broadcast the call to prayer,  the Adhan, on loudspeakers.

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