Indonesia Banned ‘Hijab’ in Schools

When the Muslim community in the west is fighting for the right to wear Hijab and taking the governments to court for their rights, there is a country that has banned Hijab in schools, and surprisingly it is the largest Muslim country on the earth.

We have seen how European courts are allowing Muslim women to follow their dress code in western society and rebuking governments to ban it.

The largest Muslim country is violating the religious rights of its majority population. It may sound strange but it is true.

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Indonesia took the decision after a Christian group demanded the removal of hijab from schools. They accused the government of forcing non-Muslims to wear hijab.

The much afraid government banned the Hijab for all the girls despite the fact that it is compulsory in the Islamic religion.

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The Ministry of Education directed all the schools to comply with the new order and if they failed to implement it, they will undergo sanctions and action would be taken on them.

The Muslim community is accusing the government of being bias and overlooking the interests of its majority population.

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No one was found happy except for few activists and Christian community leaders over this decision.

It is yet to be disclosed how the Indonesian Muslim community reacts to this atrocity.

Islam is the largest religion in Indonesia, with 86.7% of the Indonesian population identifying themselves as Muslim in a 2018 survey. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, with approximately 225 million Muslims.

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