Italian Gangster and Wife Converted to Islam

Islam has changed the lives of millions of people. Islam is a form of mercy for the lost and misguided soul. It’s a complete way of life having all aspects covered in it. We have already  read  hundreds of stories where Islam led the people from darkness into light. It has given a sense of fulfillment to the lost souls.
A former convicted gangster named Vince Focarelli from Adelaide, South Australia, has settled down in Malaysia.
Vince Focarelli, who now goes by the name Imran Salaam, was a leader of one of Australia’s most notorious motorcycle gangs before being caught and jailed for firearms and drug offences in 2012.
Between 2010 to 2012, Focarelli become the main target of assassination. Unsparing, six bids to kill Focarelli milling at the gangsters Australia’s other ear at a time.
The attack that killed his son, also injured Focarelli. He was finally arrested on charges of drug-related cases. We lost a precious Giovanni he’s always there in our mind, said Focarelli. We think about him and talk about him days.
April 2013, Focarelli released from prison on parole, after completing a sentence for abuse of firearms and drug violations related to the incident in which his son was killed.
It was previously reported that he had started reading the Quran while in jail and eventually became a Muslim. He continued to actively practise the faith after being released on parole in 2013.
Focarelli, 46, is said to have turned his life around and opened a halal Italian restaurant called La’Fig Cucina in Adelaide. But This incident now , has changed. Focarelli, a former underworld figure and leader of the gang, said that he is now the one who has changed. He is now looking for a normal life and help people in need.
The moment of his death, making Focarelli, 41, mute and change it. all people have made a mistake, he said. Focarelli, who now runs a restaurant LAA ™ Fig Cucina in Carrington St, revealed how he has got his life back on the right track and he is now feeding the homeless and contributed to the poor.
I have really distanced himself from all aspects of the life of a gangster, he told . He appreciated the efforts of his family, his religion and the establishment of restaurants as things that have helped transform. Focarelli claimed that the restaurant was helping the homeless and donate to charity.
The former leader of the black gang, said the idea for the restaurant came when they wanted to create something that is lawful and friendly. We started to talk about it in our kitchen, my wife and I, he said.
We had our thinking and discussion, , we want to open a small cafe, why we do not do it right. Why do we not help the Muslim community and give something kosher, organic and vegan
Focarelli said that the restaurant also provides catering for the homeless, and providing soup dinner for those in need. As a Muslim, it’s our responsibility to give, especially in the month of Ramadan yesterday, where we can learn to be humble and pious. Absorb all the goodness and love that is in and around the world.
His life in Malaysia, after moving here earlier this year, is far different from the days when he was Adelaide’s best-known criminal, when he was the leader of a bike gang called Comanchero. However, he still misses home.
“Adelaide was my home and my heart is still there. I miss it. I am missing two people, my wife and stepdaughter. When they are here, I will be complete,” Focarelli was quoted as saying by the Australian daily.
He now hopes to open his restaurant here in Kuala Lumpur, with his wife having closed the operation in Adelaide. Focarelli was forced to leave Australia in March this year, after he was informed he would likely be deported to Italy where he was born. He then got a new passport before moving to Malaysia.
Focarelli is also taking on the role of a preacher, speaking to young Malaysian Muslim men and women, encouraging them to embrace the beauty of life, as seen in a video posted online.
While his wife and stepdaughter have not joined him here. Focarelli also shared about his life in Malaysia, and how he enjoys the freedom he has as well as the welcoming experience he has received. “I have never experienced any culture as beautiful as this. I feel free and I sleep well at night.
The story of Vince Focarelli is inspiring and heartwarming. He was very close to death and even lost his son in  gang attacks. But he has chosen the way of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) and Allah has saved him. He is now a proud Muslim with beard. He is also preaching Islam and showing the acts of kindness.

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