Plane Crashed into the Sea in Indonesia, Passengers Missing

An Indonesian aeroplane carrying 62 passengers is believed to be crashed into the sea after it lost the connection with the Air Traffic Control on Saturday.

The plane took off from the capital city of Jakarta to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province. Four minutes after taking off it lost the contact and disappeared from the radar.

Since then the investigation and rescue team have been searching the wreckage and clue of the passengers. Four planes and ten ships have been deployed to help with the search.

The Sriwijaya Air Passenger plane took off for a domestic flight of 90 minutes to Pontianak. It took off from Jakarta and suddenly got lost.

It didn’t send any distress signal to the traffic control and disappeared. Expert says the plane dropped more than 10,000ft in less than a minute which didn’t give it any chance to call for help or give any signal.

Some eyewitnesses said that they had seen a blast and heard the explosion. They also affirmed that the plane crashed into the sea.

Some coastal families also claimed that they found debris and things floating on water that belonged to the plane.

The people on board included 7 children, 3 babies, and 12 crew members along with the other male and female passengers.

The plane disappeared and crashed in the same pattern when another plane carrying 189 passengers crashed into the sea in 2018.

The search and rescue operation is still going and further reports are awaited.

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