Srilankan Authority Snatching The Dead Bodies Of Muslims Forcefully

The tiny island nation of South Asia, Sri Lanka is forcibly cremating the dead bodies of Muslims who have died due to the Coronavirus.

The government has taken steps despite severe objection from the families of the victims. Sri Lanka will begin by cremating the bodies of 19 Muslims who have died due to covid-19.

According to the new ordinance the victims’ bodies are to be claimed by families and then should be cremated under the supervision of health officials.

But the families of Muslims are not taking the body for cremation which triggered a response from the authorities who themselves are going to cremate the bodies.

The families refused to cremate because it is strictly prohibited in Islam to cremate bodies. The Islamic rituals are to drape the dead body with a white cloth and then bury it with proper respect. The government on the other hand proceeded with the ordinance and has cremated five bodies till now.


According to the recent report from Sri Lanka by Shreen Abdul Suroor, a Muslim Human Right activist: Every Muslim Janazah (burial) in the lockdown areas has been snatched away from the families. Sri Lankan government has been using forced cremation as a tool to punish and humiliate the Muslims living in Sri Lanka. for test and cremation. They are stopping the burial of dead bodies and dragging the corpse to the hospital.

The government is not even showing the family members the face of the dead person. There is  no identification. The Muslim community is particularly treated very badly by the government.  Killing, torture and exploitations of Muslims are going on in Sri Lanka. Anti Muslims attacks are more common now in the whole country. They have been marginalised completely.

Over 80 Muslim bodies have been cremated already by the Islamophobia Sri Lankan government.

The families and social groups have challenged the order through a petition in the Supreme Court of the country but the petition was refused without any proper clarification.

Muslims say that when WHO has permitted the body to be buried then why the govt. is keen on cremating it. They also accused the authorities for knowingly playing with the Muslim beliefs.

Sri Lanka has been marginalizing its minority Muslim community for so long and these forcible orders are a part of it.

They have given the orders for cremation despite the fact that most of the victims of Coronavirus are Muslims in the country.

There are around 9% Muslims in the country and they are facing persecution since the attack on Churches and hotels last year.

The country’s condition is very much similar to India where majority Sinhalese population is accusing the Muslims for spreading the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. This is done by the buddhist extremist government in sri lanka. The racist lowlifes in the government alone with the extremist buhhdist monks are to blame for this. Have no sympathy towards these extremist buddhist enemies of Islam and Muslims. With absolute firm conviction I ask Allah:

    Ya Allah obliterate the wealth of the enemies of Islam and Muslims, and harden their hearts so that they will not believe until they see the painful punishment. Amin.

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